Local Music For The World Around You

What is GiGFOLK?

GiGFOLK is the best gig platform available for musicians who want to promote themselves and connect with venues.  It’s a new way for you to get your music out in a live setting.  We put this site together to help artists and bands like yours play more gigs and give you the tools you need to better manage your music business.

We are located in Portland Oregon and want to see active and engaging music communities grow all over Portland and branch out from there.

Our Philosophy

As musicians that have gigged in the past we understand the challenge it can be to promote yourself.  We think there is a better way to do it than striving for a label to represent you, and the classic CD in hand, door to door approach is not effective enough on its own.  Getting gigs and building momentum is hard work and takes time, but we are trying to make it easier.

Musicians need better tools and avenues to get known on a grassroots level.  We created GiGFOLK to help you promote yourself and get gigs in the real world so you can move forward with your music.

Our gig platform simplifies the process of booking gigs for both the artist and the venue.  Venues can advertise their business and search and hire bands with our booking system while artists get a sweet looking booking page and management system to use.

This is a professional cost-effective way to manage bookings and as your network grows you will have more opportunities to play live!


We believe that music connects people, inspires people and even changes and improves our lives.  It strikes a chord in our soul that speaks deeper than words.  We want to see that happen in a tangible real way and believe that the best avenue for it is local shows.

We believe in the local music scene, and together, we can make this world a better, more musical place.


This is Grass-Roots on a whole new level.